R.I.P. Photographer Mary Ellen Mark

I am holding my photograph of Ram Prakash Singh and his beloved elephant Shyama - taken in 1990.  Ram Prakash Singh was the ringmaster of "The Great Golden Circus" - The photograph was done in Ahmedabad India - This was part of my Indian Circus Project - I love India and I love the circus so photographing eighteen circuses all around India was an incredible experience - Unfortunately Shyama died a few months after this photograph was taken - Supposedly he succumbed to a poisoned chapatti - Ram Prakash Singh was heartbroken - me also. - Mary Ellen Mark

I have a hard time compartmentalizing the work of most photographers. But the work of famous photographer Mary Ellen Mark was impossible to pigeon hole. She was probably best known for her portraits and documentary work. But she had a huge heart for her subjects, and a keen eye that helped her capture decisive moments with maximum punch. Her images tell stories, and stand alone as art. I defy anyone to NOT be moved by her images. The world lost a great talent yesterday, but her work will live on. If you’re not familiar with Mary Ellen or her work, I encourage you to take a look at her official website.


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