Here Now Forever at Fulcrum Gallery, Tacoma

Fulcrum Gallery, Tacoma

Fulcrum Gallery, Tacoma

What made me think I was up to mounting a solo show of my photography at Fulcrum Gallery, Tacoma? Massive over confidence… blind ambition? I really don’t know what I was thinking! Luckily I do have a really strong work ethic. So even though my procrastination meant I was up till midnight the night before the show, and hung the last wall the day of the opening reception, it turned out great. The reception was really fun and successful thanks in large part to the contributions of my wife and several friends. As they say, “it takes a village.” Check out the video tour of the front room of the gallery, or better yet check the gallery hours at and come on by. More to come later…

Video Tour



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One thought on “Here Now Forever at Fulcrum Gallery, Tacoma

  1. Carol Hardin

    So proud of you my nephew. Your photography is outstanding. So wish we lived closer as I would have loved to attend your showing in person. The next best thing I suppose, would have been to view this video tour. Unfortunately, the video pixelated so badly, it was hardly watchable. But I know…… all of your works are awesome!


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