Post-Sunshine Photo Review

Spiderweb refracts the evening sun.Looking back on the pictures I took this past summer, I find that I focused quite a lot on the sunshine itself. While, it’s kind of a trend I’ve noticed in other photographer’s work, I wasn’t consciously copying. It’s just now that I’m reviewing that recently past work that I notice. Fact is that I was pretty busy with photography these last few months, and if I didn’t shoot for a particular assignment, nothing happened with the resulting pictures other than to get cataloged in Lightroom.

The good life on S. Tacoma Way, Tacoma, WASo now that the sun is mostly gone from the Pacific Northwest sky (at least for awhile) I have a moment to breathe and I’m enjoying reviewing what I shot. Get ready to see a lot of sunshine in my upcoming print work. Here are just a couple examples…



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