Squeezed in One Last Fall Shoot…Barely!

As usual, the Northwest wind came up and blew all (or most) of the beautiful leaves off the trees. But not before I got in one last fall leaf photoshoot. Super-fun couple Collin and Katie did a little posing in the park.

Unfortunately, DuPont groundskeepers had spent all day cleaning up the leaves the afternoon of our shoot. I would have preferred the ground was covered with leaves, but you work with what you’ve got. I shot from a low angle to get more of the leaves that were still on the trees behind the lovely couple. And as the sun all-too-quickly disappeared, I broke out the trusty flash.

We got some really nice pictures, and just in time. The wind came up that very night, and by the next day about half the leaves were stripped off the trees and the ground was once again completely covered.

Can’t wait to hear what Collin and Katie think of their photos. I just feel fortunate to have gotten them done before the leaves were gone and the rain took over. Nice timing!

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