Nice Portrait Session Yesterday with Kaley

I got an urgent call a couple days ago from one of my recent family portrait clients, with an emergency portrait need. Daughter Kaley has done some school plays, and now wants to move on to community theater at The Lakewood Playhouse. Auditions are next Monday, for Sweeney Todd (one of here favorites), and Kaley needed an 8×10 headshot to leave behind after her try-out. Could I do the job that quickly?

Well, I just got my home studio up and running last week, and was eager to give it a real-life tryout. So of course my answer was “yes.”

We kept things pretty basic for Kaley’s shoot, with dark clothing, plain background, and soft lighting to show off her pretty, fresh face. Kaley’s not a big smiler, but I’m told she has a sassy and┬ámischievous┬áside. That’s what we tried to bring out, and I think that’s what we got. She and Mom were both happy. And I’m sure her headshot will help the casting director remember her after the audition. All I can say is “break a leg,” Kaley!

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