Looking forward to Spring

It’s hard to believe that Spring is coming — it’s been a cold, wet Winter here in Washington. But it’s official; I just found out if I want to exhibit at the Olympia, WA Spring Arts Walk I need to have a venue and get my application in by February 11. The best venues fill up fast, so I need to find a place pronto, and decide what new work to show. I’ll be looking for a space tomorrow, and just finished up the prototype for the attached wall hanging. This little dandelion will be 40” x 7′ (that’s feet tall). It will be made up of 8 – 10×40 inch metal panels wired together. Although I took the picture last Fall, it’s the perfect image to symbolize Spring. Now wish me luck in finding the right place for my Spring show, and this little guy’s likely going to be the star of the show.

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