Group Dynamics

I took part in a really fun group photo shoot last weekend at the graffiti garages in Tacoma, WA.

The group shoot was organized by #Gary Walmer, and we were joined by model/jewelery designer #Emily Blodgett (plus more models, jewelry designers and makeup artists).

Usually when I’m photographing people, I have to stick to the script, and give them what they want…a professional portrait, cute pictures of the kids, etc. Group shoots like this though are a good opportunity for me to experiment, and work with other photographers. This time, I was able to do some fairly experimental shooting (using remote off-camera flash, shooting in low light, and using a very shallow depth of field).

Here are just a few of the shots I really liked of Emily. I feel that shooting like this gives me an opportunity to grow as an artist, and as a professional. Besides, it’s just good fun, and in this case, I really like the results! To see more of these shots of Emily,click either of the above photos to go to my Facebook page, click on “Like”, and leave a comment if you’d care to.

Hope to hear opinions from my “fans” soon!

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